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About Whole Fresh Foods

Whole Fresh Foods is a family-owned importer and manufacturer of Asian and Asian-inspired food products, founded in 2001 by John and Linda Zhao. Our mission is to help unlock the flavors and textures of the Pacific Rim.

Chefs of all backgrounds count on Whole Fresh Foods for inspiration and education. Even the most traditional, western menu can be enhanced by creative and careful infusion of Asian ingredients, techniques and ideas. From full Asian-themed catering to  high-profit novelty appetizers, Whole Fresh Foods delivers a world of flavors to the foodservice community nationwide.

The Zhao family began by importing high-quality, authentic Asian appetizers for the high-volume needs of the gaming industry. The superiority and diversity of our products quickly caught the attention of caterers, hotels and restaurants across the country and Whole Fresh Foods has established a reputation for expertise in the vast and complex flavors of the Pacific Rim.

The company has evolved from an appetizer-import business into a specialty supplier offering a menu of options. We also manufacture our own products in Denver, Colorado, inspired by Asian flavors, using authentic processes. These local creations—which can be customized and scaled to meet our clients’ needs—exemplify our devotion to fresh, wholesome ingredients, passionate cooking and exquisite products.

The keys to our mission are quality, reliability and customer service. We help chefs, caterers and flavor aficionados re-imagine their approach to dining with knowledgeable, creative Asian-inspired solutions for every occasion.

We believe in......

Wholesome & Fresh Ingredients

 1- Passionately Cooking Delicious Food

 2- Devotion to Delivering an Exquisite Product

 3- Devotion to Delivering an Exquisite Product