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Whole Fresh Foods

Whole Fresh Foods brand appetizers are a full line of authentic Asian appetizers. Our appetizers have a reputation of high quality and great value. We have been offering these appetizers for 16 years and are available nationwide. Our products are available through food service distributors.

We have products that fit any need from catered events, restaurant menus, Happy Hours, and buffets. These are must have items that can go onto any menu and are an essential part of any kitchen. Our variety includes items from Egg Rolls, Crispy Spring Rolls, Potstickers, Rangoons, Wontons and Dim Sum. Rest assured you are using the most authentic products available and the highest quality.

We also offer supporting items to the appetizers. Whole Fresh Foods offers a variety of noodles; freshly made Ramen noodles, Vietnamese Meatballs for Pho and Korean Sweet Potato noodles. We offer flavor infused precooked rice. The Green Tea infused rice is precooked made with Mancha green tea, is precooked and the rice is individually frozen. The infusion of the Green Tea imparts a slight sweet taste and gives the rice a terrific emerald green color. The Thai Sesame rice is precooked with Thai seasonings and red chili flakes and is individually frozen. The seasoning and chili flakes impart a slight spicy taste and creates an eye-catching orange color.

Wild Caught Pink Shrimp

The Pink Argentine Shrimp, AKA Patagonian Argentine Red Shrimp are a sustainable, wild caught shrimp. They live in the icy waters of Patagonia sea,not far from Antarctica. The Argentinean fishery is controlled by a state body that outlines a set of regulations with the objective of governing and preserving the maximum sustainability of the species.

Leading chefs are raving that this is one of the best eating shrimp in the world. The flavor is sweet and closely resembles the taste of lobster. This species has a thick, hard shell and the texture of the protected meat is tender and delicate. These shrimp can be cooked just like any other shrimp, but be careful not to over season these shrimp to enjoy the spectacular flavor these shrimp bring to your table.

When cooking these shrimps, be careful not to overcook. Typical cooking time is 1-2 minutes depending on cooking procedure, this is about half the amount of time as you would other shrimps. These shrimps are pink in color both raw and cooked, typically shrimp turn pink or orange once they are cooked, so when cooking these shrimp, you need to watch the amount of time they are cooking and should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165°


LAZO Empanadas

Whole Fresh Foods is excited to introduce LAZO empanadas. LAZO empanadas are an authentic Argentinian empanada recipe. The dough is a true laminated dough giving it a flaky crispy texture when cooked. Laminated dough is a special technique of rolling and folding the dough many times to create lots of very thin layers of flour and fats just like in croissant dough, these layers are what give the flaky and crispy texture. We import our dough directly from Argentina.

The filling recipes are also traditional flavors and recipes from Argentina. We use only high-quality ingredients just like what you would use at home.We prepare each recipe in small batches ensuring the quality of every batch before we fill and fold the empanadas.

Empanadas are traditional handheld sandwiches that are predominate in Spain, Central America and South America. We are continually developing new and different filling flavors to incorporate all of these regions. We are truly a company of a  ͞”world of flavors.”